About Us

The Door Expert of South Florida has over 30  years of experience in the field of door installation and repairs. Over the years, The Door Expert has been called in to provide expert surveys and reports on door problems in many homes, hospitals, motels, commercial buildings, shopping malls, and restaurants. Please feel free to call us or Email Us for additional references. At The Door Expert, no job is too small or too large. If it’s a door, we can fix it, replace it, change it, and/or do a temporary board-up in case of storefront door damage too severe to be repaired. We are licensed, insured, and bonded. We do hurricane and impact doors. To view the full list of doors that we handle, Click Here!

Some of our most valued customers:

  • Boca West Country Club
  • Acts Retirement Home Communities
  • Florida Atlantic University
  • Turner Construction
  • John Knox Village
  • Bru’s Room 
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We never say there is nothing we can do and walk away — we are here for You!

Where all others can’t, we can!